Counting My Summer Blessings On The Maine Coast

As I walked the shoreline of Owls Head State Park last night, I was reminded how easily my senses can surrender to a summer night on the Maine coast.

The whipping wind, the sweeping fields, and the bright blue ocean all surrounded me in a lovely portrait of early evening bliss. The sun slowly faded over the Camden Hills, leaving a brilliant afterglow on the calm waters of Penobscot Bay. The aroma of pine trees filled the air, along with the distinct smell of low tide and beach flowers. A few sailboats meandered back to the harbor and a lone kayaker simply drifted towards the sunset.

I always feel like the luckiest person in the world when I look out to the ocean and the setting sun, for who am I but a mere observer to nature’s grand finale. June was beautiful this year. A real dandy!