Launch Day for Tumblehome 24 Motorboat

At Stephens Waring Yacht Design, we’ve been eagerly awaiting launch day for our Tumblehome 24 design. Memorial Day weekend was the moment: In an impromptu sea-trial, Tumblehome Boat Shop of Warrensburg, New York, pulled her out of the shop and dropped her in the lake for a quick run to show her patient owner what she would do.

With the first coats of varnish barely dry, proprietor Reuben Smith fired up the big V-8 engine and took Stella Blue for a spin, then quickly hauled her out and slid her back into the shop for finishing touches.

Early reports praise the Tumblehome 24‘s running qualities. Her modern constant-deadrise bottom ran flat and level, even with five aboard, and Reuben reports that “at 45-50mph we had a wonderful nice, light wake, and the boat seemed to run easily … the boat banked in and the rudder bit nicely … carving, not sliding, through turns.”

We’re happy — and we can barely wait for more photos and video, and for a turn behind the wheel.