Celebrating National Recognition for 2 Design Projects

At Onboard Interiors we think that every project we complete is special, but it’s nice when our peers think so, too! Two of our recent projects, aboard a 2006 44’ Mochicraft and a 2015 Eastbay 50, were singled out for special honors by the Marine Fabricators Association at the organization’s annual conference, taking home Outstanding Achievement awards for each of them.

Aboard Mahalo, the 44’ Mochicraft, our team responded to the young owners’ desires to work with a Hawaiian theme by using palm trees and textured fabrics on durable but fun fabrics. We created new interior and exterior cushions, new bedding and mattresses, and pulled some of the “fighting lady yellow” from the yacht’s topsides to liven up the interior. Aloha, Mahalo!

The other project that earned us distinction from the judges at the Marine Fabricators Association was a new build, an Eastbay 50. Steering a new owner toward the design touches that will help them enjoy their yacht to the fullest is always a highlight of what we do at Onboard Interiors, and the new owner said it best:

“I truly needed your guidance and expertise in helping me through the process, so not only will our boat look beautiful and reflect our taste, but it will be a true showcase of the quality and innovative style that epitomizes Onboard Interiors,” she said. “Thank you for saving us from being drowned in starfish, sand dollars, seahorses, and shells. I am excited by what we chose, and I know without a doubt that our new Eastbay 50SX will be the star both inside and out of our yacht club!”