Talk of the Docks: Hinckley’s New Talaria 34 Runabout

It takes a lot to stand out at the big boat shows these days, but the Hinckley Company knows what still attracts the most attention: A quality product. And that’s exactly what the luxury yacht manufacturer delivered at the 2016 Palm Beach International Boat Show with the launch of its newest model, the Talaria 34 Runabout.

Built on the same hull as Hinckley’s T34 Picnic boat, which currently has 66 hulls launched, the new Talaria 34R is radically different from the waterline on up. The emphasis during the design process, according to Hinckley COO Mike Arieta, was on making sure that the new runabout was as stress-free and comfortable to operate as possible. First, the wide-open layout keeps the 8-10 passengers convivial. Underway, the 19-degree modified deep-V hull and long windows will ensure that everyone stays dry, regardless of the conditions (a powered, retractable bimini protects everyone from either sun or rain). Hinckley’s famous Jetstick technology, paired with a Hoverlock system that allows the boat to stay in position, makes steering truly a two-finger affair. Finally, twin Yanmar V8 diesels (available in either 320- or 370-horsepower versions) will easily help the the Alamarin jets push this 15,000-pound yacht at up to 36 knots. But this is a Hinckley, so don’t expect a roar even at speed. “Tucked onto the sun bed, all you’ll hear is wind and water,” Arieta says.

And yet even with all those impressive specifications and features, Hinckley Interim President and CEO David Howe says they’re only part of the reason for his company’s success in recent years. “Innovative design, great American craftsmanship, and our white-glove concierge service — that’s what is working for us, and it’s why we’re winning,” Howe says. “It all comes down to having a great product, and that’s exactly what you see right there with the new Talaria 34R.”

Apparently, the market agrees with him. Hinckley will launch its 1000th jetboat this spring, an impressive testament to the brand’s loyalty among the most discerning yachtsmen and yachtswomen. And with service yards from Maine to Florida, the relationship between Hinckley owners and the yacht builder extends long after the sale, a bond that will only grow stronger with the launch of the company’s proprietary “On Watch” vessel-monitoring system. With this app-based product, Hinckley yards up and down the coast will have access to the same systems info that the yacht owners do. If a Hinckley starts red-lining, the yard will know it immediately and will be able to dispatch the nearest technician immediately. “We’re on watch so that the boat operator or owner doesn’t have to be,” Arieta says.

Indeed, that’s apparently the secret behind every Hinckley, whether it’s a runabout or a massive 48- or 55-foot cruiser. From design, to build, to service for the life of the yacht, these high-end yachts (the Talaria 34R is priced at just under $700,000, according to Arieta) are built to make their owners’ lives easier, more relaxing, and more fun. With the new Talaria 34 Runabout, Hinckley delivers on that mission once again.

Capt. Joshua F. Moore, USHarbors