Best Beach Towns for 2018

It’s mid-July, and if you haven’t been to a beach yet, chances are you’re thinking about it. But where to go? Where is the best beach near you? What makes it better than the rest? Weather, house prices, crime rate, restaurants and more are all factored in to a report on the best beach towns for 2018.

Let’s look through some of the top beaches on that list:

  1. Lahaina, HI
  2. Naples, FL
  3. Sarasota, FL
  4. Mill Valley, CA
  5. Augustine, FL
  6. Santa Monica, CA
  7. Boca Raton, FL
  8. Kihei, HI
  9. Westport, CT
  10. Key West, FL
  11. Jupiter, FL
  12. Portland, ME
  13. Charleston, SC
  14. Encinitas, CA
  15. Venice, FL


These towns are scored on the Overall ranking, there are a few other measures that may be of interest.


Do like your beach town bustling into the wee hours? Or do you yearn for the peace and quiet? For those in the first camp, Myrtle Beach, SC, Miami Beach, FL, and Key West FL are in the top 5 for most Nightlife Establishments per Capita. Conversely, East Haven, CT, Riviera Beach FL, and Shirley, NY had the fewest.

While at the beach, you may feel the urge to go for a dip in the ocean. If you are on the Gulf Coast, lucky you, as this is where you will find the beach towns with the warmest water temperature. Those on the Pacific coast, Northern California and into Washington, will have a different experience.

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