Update on Hurricane Florence

Florence has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm, but its effects are still potentially devastating as it moves inland, and the floodwater keeps rising. At least 40 inches of rain fell along the coast from Cape Fear to Cape Lookout. Florence is the wettest tropical cyclone to ever hit North Carolina.

Wilmington, NC still remains affected by flooded rivers, damaged buildings and power outages. At least 10,00 people have been evacuated and are living in shelters, with no return date in sight – even as the skies begin to clear. Further flooding is expected from the Cape Fear river as the rains from further inland make their way back to the sea. There have been several cases of sewage and agricultural waste mixing with the floodwater, which means that the risks of infection and disease are very high.

For those of you who aren’t going to be directly affected, we’re sure, like us, you’ll be thinking of our brothers and sisters in the Carolinas and surrounding areas. We would suggest giving to trusted relief agencies, like Global Giving, where you can make donations to ongoing Florence relief effort. Another organization you may wish to consider is Direct Relief.

The effects of Florence are not yet over. For many in the region, this will be disaster that will have long-lasting implications. A comprehensive report into emergency preparedness and response from a financial point of view can be found here.