Boats of the Year Spotlight #7

MAINE BOATS REFLECT THE BEST of the past and the most promising advances of the present day. Boatbuilders have mastered the traditional lines and styles over centuries, while continuing to evolve, invent, and bring new life to older boats, and dream up the designs of the future. This Boats of the Year 2018 installment spotlights two downeast-style hulls, updated with modern features—a restored 1960s Bunker & Ellis workboat with all-new systems and a Holland 32 lobsteryacht with a low-maintenance exterior. We also have a look at the work happening inside the Landing School, where the next generation of builders are experimenting with new designs and gaining real-world marine training.

IN 2017, the John Williams Boat Company completed its multi-year restoration of an iconic Bunker & Ellis to her original glory—with modern day upgrades folded in along the way. Read More »

A CUSTOMER CONSIDERING the move from a small classic sailboat into a lobster-style powerboat, chose a Glenn Holland hull and house kit, which was then designed and finished by Kittery Point Yacht Yard. Read More »

WHEN THE LANDING SCHOOL designed and constructed three 19′ outboards, it was a bold experiment that resulted in a beautiful boat design with a minimal CO2 footprint. Read More »

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