Boats of the Year Spotlight #8

THE BOATBUILDING INDUSTRY IS A BIG DEAL. In Maine, there are approximately 450 companies and 5,000 jobs tied to the industry, according to Maine Built Boats, a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness about the high-quality products crafted and restored in the state, and the cutting-edge technology used by builders in Maine. Among those boatyards are Lyman-Morse—40 years strong and now diversified to include technology and fabrication divisions that cater to marine and non-marine businesses alike—and Maine Cat, builder of high-performance cruising catamarans for 25 years out of Bremen, Maine. Learn more in this Boats of the Year installment.

A LOT HAS CHANGED SINCE 1978, when Cabot Lyman took over a small boatyard in Thomaston, Maine. With his son now at the helm, Lyman-Morse continues to evolve into a multi-faceted company. Read More »

BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR NEXT BOAT, ask yourself: Does she have the soul of a Maine-built boat? Our boats are built on a maritime heritage other places only read about. Read More »

2017 WAS A FABULOUS YEAR for Maine Cat, with the introduction of the brand-new MC 38 high-performance cruising catamaran. Read More »

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