Giving Tuesday (and all year round)

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day where we are encouraged to donate to the non-profits and charities of our choice. There are, however, other ways we can give back to the things that we care most about, and it’s not just limited to one day a year.

For those that live and work on the coast, a healthy ocean is integral to their livelihood and community. If you want to ensure the long-term sustainability of your community, you will need a clean and attractive coast that people want to visit. You, your colleagues, friends, families and neighbors can all help ensure the coast where you live continues to attract visitors for all the right reasons.

It is well-known now that our trash is causing serious problems for marine life, far out to sea and on the shore. For owners of marinas, and other shorefront businesses, the Ocean Conservancy organization puts it best.

“When you take the steps to green your marina, everyone wins: clean water is good for boating and for business.”

What can you do about it?
If you are near a large sandy beach, lapped by soothing waves, first: count yourself lucky; and second: who’s keeping it clean?

    • Follow these tips to make the most of your beach time.
    • Organize a beach clean-up! You can follow the instructions here.
    • Team up with a local chapter of an organization like Surfriders.

Organizing a beach clean-up, or similar project, can see a little go a long way, and keep you connected to your coastal community (it also doesn’t hurt your PR either…) is here to help
If you do decide to organize a beach clean-up, or any other community event or program, let us know about it, and we’ll give you a boost through our national network. And if you come across an inspiring organization like those mentioned above, don’t forget to tell them about the Harbor Partner Program.