New organization focused on blue philanthropy set to launch across the Atlantic

On December 28, 2018, Rob Hamilton-Kelly and Sam Hornsby will sail across the Atlantic, navigating the world’s second largest ocean on a voyage from the Old World to the New. Their passage will mark the launch campaign for Ocean Pioneers, a donor organization focused on activating a global community of sailors and ocean lovers around blue philanthropy.

About the Crew

Rob Hamilton-Kelly

Rob grew up at sea. Accustomed to sailing across the Bay of Biscay with his family as a child, he has gone on to compete in a number of the world’s major ocean races, including the infamous Fastnet and Caribbean 600. While he takes a less competitive approach to sailing these days, he has recently taken part in the US East Coast offshore racing circuit including the Vineyard Race, Bloc Island Race and Stamford Overnight. He is a member of the Royal Ocean Racing Club and drinks rum.

Sam Hornsby

Sam developed his taste for the ocean sailing the US East Coast and the Caribbean. He earned his skipper’s license in Sag Harbor, Long Island and has spent his summers crewing the Sailing Yacht Tender on New York’s waterways. Week-long sails in the British Virgin Islands and Guadeloupe have nurtured Sam’s sea shanty and rum cocktail repertoire and inspired him in the cause of ocean conservation.

About the Trip

2,700 nautical miles of open ocean, with only the roll of the sea, the breaking of waves and the occasional solitary albatross as interruption. The course will chart from Las Palmas off the coast of Africa to reach the Caribbean two weeks later.

About the Vessel

II Tender is a Pogo 12.50 made by finite-cone architects in Brittany, France.

It’s hard-chinned hull is drawn from its Open 40 predecessor, the Pogo 40, which won several major transatlantic races, and the Route de Rhum in 2006.

It is a Category A ocean racing boat, the highest safety rating, which means it is capable of trans-oceanic races and withstanding heavy storm force seas.

The Pogo 12.50 can meet serious emergencies without the expectation of outside assistance.

Ocean Pioneers was established to galvanize a global community of sailors and ocean lovers behind blue projects and organizations that ensure the sustainability of earth’s $24 Trillion ocean resources. Ocean Pioneers raises awareness and funds, focusing on activating the 4.3 million annual participants in sailing events around ocean philanthropy.

To donate to the cause please visit their GoFundMe page.