A Guide to Fishing on Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island fishing is a very popular activity because it offers unrivaled access to some of the best spots along the Gulf of Mexico. With many easy to find beaches, piers and jetties, and a variety of Dauphin Island charter fishing options, you’ll always have the exciting opportunity to catch a variety of gamefish species.

Deep sea or inshore Dauphin Island charter fishing is excellent, but you certainly don’t need a boat to catch fish here. The island is widely known for its local fishing activities including surf and pier fishing.

If you’re planning to head to Dauphin Island for vacation in the near future, here is a helpful guide to get the most out of any Dauphin Island fishing adventure.

Quick Guide to Surf Fishing Spots

The island is full of ideal surf fishing spots, so you won’t have any difficulties finding a good option. Much of the western end of Dauphin Island is completely undeveloped, with several areas that are perfect for surf fishing and wade fishing.

You can get to them by taking Bienvelle Boulevard and you’ll find several of these Dauphin Island fishing spots.

On the eastern end, there are additional fishing spots such as the pier at Billy Goat Hole and several spots along the beaches or from the jetties.

Tips and tricks for Surf Fishing:

Surf fishing from on Dauphin Island is very popular, and on any given day you’ll see quite a few anglers along the beaches, piers and jetties. Here are few tips that can help you catch what you want:

  • You’ll find several bait and tackle shops right on Dauphin Island for your convenience.
  • Beach spike holders can assist you in holding your rod.
  • Cast your line at least past the first sandbar, as a majority of fish can be found in this area.
  • There are many types of bait to consider like crabs or squid, but shrimp are often convenient to use and work well. The fresher the bait the better.
  • If you don’t want to use live bait, you can use lures, such as spoons, jigs, and plastics, but the weather usually needs to be very clear with calm water.
  • The best times to surf fish are often at around dawn or dusk as many fish species feed during this time, and there will also often be fewer people at the island’s top spots.
  • Heavy rigs such as giant surf rods with huge bait like squid are unnecessary. If you use them, you are most likely to catch shark or stingrays, which you can’t bring home to your grill, anyway. A simple rig is all you really need for successful surf fishing.

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