5 Pet Safety Tips for Storm Preparedness

Thorough emergency preparedness is important during severe storm weather, particularly in areas where pet owners may be forced to leave their homes.

But what about more common thunderstorms or tornados? Here are five smart and simple tips from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center to make storms safer and less stressful.

1) Shelter

During severe storms it may be best to take shelter in a basement or small interior room like a bathroom. Make sure pets are acquainted with—and comfortable in—that area of your house and will go there with you easily if need be.

2) Poisons

Make sure the shelter inside your home is free of dangers for pets. Many people keep pest poisons in the same basement where they may be sheltering during the storm. Unfortunately, pets are very good at finding baits and many are all too eager to eat it.

3) Anxiety

Many pets have storm or firework anxiety and may be prescribed medications to help them cope. It’s always best to give pets a dose of the medication prior to a storm to see how he or she will react—and pets should always get trial runs of medication during periods when the veterinarian is available in case questions arise.

4) Evacuation

Among the items you should have handy are leashes and/or or carriers, food, medication and water. Pet owners should know where favorite hiding places are for pets so they can be easily found during emergencies.

5) First Aid

Help keep pets safe by sharing this easy DIY pet first-aid kit.

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