Econet Eco-Popper Video Fishing Lure

The summer is finally here and it’s time to dust off your rod and reel along with a fun new accessory built to add excitement to your time on the water.

The Econet Eco-Popper Video Fishing Lure is a new popper designed lure featuring a wide-angle 720p HD camera to capture live video that can easily be streamed to most smart phones and mobile devices. The footage captured is both entertaining and informative; providing insight into fish habits and activity under the surface of the water.

The built in wifi hotspot means you don’t need to think about your wireless connection before use and differentiates the Eco-Popper from other lures featuring cameras. Another feature that sets the Eco-Popper apart is the cost, at $189.99 the Eco-Popper is accessible to most fishing enthusiasts and the durability and size makes it worth the price. 

The Eco-Popper is 4 ½ inches long and 1 ½ inches wide with a center dorsal fin containing the antenna, making it a substantial size perfect for catching larger fish. 

Although the Eco-Popper is effective in both fresh and saltwater, the design does lend itself more toward freshwater fishing – probably for the best since the video clarity depends greatly upon the clarity of the water itself. 

We had a blast using this lure and highly recommend it as an entertaining and insightful addition to any weekend fishing trip!

Our favorite features:

  • Very easy to setup and use
  • The camera is high quality and has a relatively wide view
  • Real-time streaming
  • 25 frames per second allows for smooth footage
  • Very durable construction

Room for improvement:

  • Sudden movements caused the video feed to disconnect momentarily
  • The battery died more quickly in cold water (longer battery life in warmer water)

Link to Econet Eco-Popper Video Fishing Lure: