Our Favorite Tide-Themed Romance Novels for Valentine’s Day

What better way to add a little romance into your life than a tides-related romance novel to bring to the beach this summer?

Check out some of our favorite titles below:

Tides of Deception by Christy Barritt

Change has come to Lantern Beach: a new police chief, a new season, and . . . a new romance? Austin Brooks has loved Skye Lavinia from the moment they met, but the walls she keeps around her seem impenetrable. Skye knows Austin is the best thing to ever happen to her. Yet she also knows that if he learns the truth about her past, he’d be a fool not to run.

Tides of Passion by Tracy Sumner

Arriving in the town of Pilot Isle, North Carolina, to put an end to social injustice, headstrong Savannah Conner finds herself going up against the infuriating town constable Zachariah Garrett, and soon their battle of wills turns into war of passion.

The Devil’s Heart: Dark Tides Book 1 by Candace Osmond

When Dianna Cobham accidentally breaks an enchanted ship-in-a-bottle she’s washed away to 1707 Newfoundland and taken prisoner aboard a pirate ship captained by the infamous Devil Eyed Barrett. Dianna fights to survive by proving herself indispensable to the crew, all the while forging a secret plan to get back home.

On A Summer Tide: Three Sisters Island Book 1 by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Camden Grayson loves her challenging career, but the rest of her life could use some improvement. “Moving on” is Cam’s mantra. But there’s a difference, her two sisters insist, between one who moves on . . . and one who keeps moving.
Cam’s full-throttle life skids to a stop when her father buys a remote island off the coast of Maine. Paul Grayson has a dream to breathe new life into the island–a dream that includes reuniting his estranged daughters.

Tides of Love by Tracy Sumner

Elle Beaumont gets a new chance at love when the man who had broken her heart, Noah Garrett, a man dedicated to rationalism and science, returns to Pilot Island, North Carolina, and finds that the young girl he once knew has grown into a sensuous beauty.

Tides of Hope: Second Chance Romance by Dawn Tomasko

For Sara Shepard, it’s time to break out of the neat, tidy—and confining—box her life has become. With her long marriage at a disastrous end, Sara seeks solace and a new direction on historic Nantucket. Dear friends offer the perfect solution: a low rent beach cottage in exchange for renovation work. She can rebuild the cottage while she reinvents her life. Even better, the offer comes with an unbelievably hot carpenter to help with the work.