40 Ways to Help Conserve Maine’s Birds

By MDIFW Bird Biologists / Pen Bay Pilot.

Our beautiful state is turning 200 this year! But Maine wouldn’t be “Maine” without our fish, wildlife, and recreation opportunities. Celebrate with us by learning 200 ways you can help conserve Maine for generations to come.

Here are 40 ways you can help conserve Maine’s birds, from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife:

1. Design your property to attract birds by planting certain shrubs, flowers and trees like shadbush, elderberry, wild raisin, sunflowers, echinacea, bee balm, and salvia. Learn more about creating a bird-friendly yard.

2. Participate in the Maine Bird Atlas citizen science project! Attend the 2020 Season Kickoff Volunteer Meeting on Saturday, April 4 at Colby College to learn more.

3. Fish lead free to protect Common Loons and other water birds. Birds consume small pebbles to help crush up food and sometimes mistake lead lures for pebbles, often leading to death.

4. Purchase a Maine Birder Band. Funds from the sale of birder bands support Maine birds, habitat conservation, and land access.

5. When filing your Maine state taxes, say yes to the “Chickadee Check-off” on the charitable contributions page to donate to the Endangered & Nongame Wildlife Fund.

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