You Can Now Virtually Tour These U.S. National Parks From Wherever You Are

By Nicoletta Richardson.

As everyone moves life indoors for a while, more virtual opportunities are being created. You can take an afternoon tour of the British Museum in London, or tune in nightly for a performance streamed by the Metropolitan Opera. And we just discovered that you can still get your fix of nature, too, by taking a virtual walk through the U.S. national parks for free.

Google Arts & Culture has partnered with national parks across the country to deliver nature-focused experiences right to your couch (or wherever you’re watching from). From kayaking through icebergs in Alaska to diving through shipwrecks in Florida, each journey comes with a guided tour who walks you through the landscapes and activities that make you feel like you’re actually there.

The first destination on the list is Kenai Fjords in Alaska, where you climb into a crevasse and watch a whale breach. Next is Hawai’i Volcanoes in Hawaii, where you can explore everything from a lava tube to volcanic cliffs that showcase breathtaking views. Head to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, where you can actually experience flying like a bat (!) and explore the caves where they live.