An Update from the Harpswell Harbormaster

Things in Harpswell are relatively quiet, except for the surge in trail usage around town. The waters are currently only being used by commercial fishermen, aquaculturist and folks who install docks and wharfs.

Since many seafood markets have shut down, many commercial lobstermen and shellfish harvesters have begun selling direct to the consumer. A few commercial wharfs in town have opened up a few days a week to help sell locally harvested seafood to help keep the fishing industry going in this area.

The Harpswell Board of Selectmen have delayed the annual mooring renewal process from May 1st, to thirty days after the Governor terminates the Civil State of Emergency. The hope is that this will help alleviate any financial burden on folks who are impacted by COVID-19.

The Harbormaster Department is still moving forward with business as usual, although meeting in person is not an option. We have been encouraging mooring holders to utilize the new online mooring program that we have implemented in the last year. The Clerk’s Office and Harbormaster’s Office are still available by phone or email to answer questions.

All the best,

Paul Plummer

Harbormaster &

MR Administrator

Town of Harpswell