Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Offers Spring Issue for Free Home Delivery

Toledo, OH  – Spring is here and boating season on the Great Lakes is just around the corner! Unfortunately, many spring preparation plans have been temporarily slowed due to executive orders asking individuals to remain in their homes and business to temporarily close or shift to remote work. However, boating is an activity that doesn’t have to stop!

Most state executive orders allow for individuals to leave their homes for “outdoor activity,” recognizing the high-priority of the human need to be outdoors walking, hiking, running, biking, and more – including boating!

As soon as the weather warms permanently, boaters will be out in droves and there is no reason to think otherwise. Guidelines for outdoor activity still include social distancing directives such as maintaining a minimum of six feet between your household-group and another as well as avoiding public playgrounds or other areas that do not maintain adequate distance. What these guidelines do NOT say is that you must remain inside. Boating is a great way for your family to escape the boredom of home and get out and be healthy!

To support the upcoming beloved boating season on the Great Lakes and to further help alleviate some of the restlessness boaters may be feeling right now, Great Lakes Scuttlebutt is offering the newest issue—the Spring Issue (Mar/Apr 2020)—for free home delivery to anybody with a U.S. address.

With delivery of a hard copy of the magazine, Great Lakes Scuttlebutt hopes to allow for as many of the nation’s boaters to remain excited for the coming season and to continue to prepare their boats for launch in a few short months.

This is a one-time offer and is not a subscription, but if you’d like a copy to your U.S. address – simply ask!

Visit to request your copy today!
We will mail them while supplies last!

Remember, whether you choose to get outdoors now or wait until it’s closer to Memorial Day, make sure to take proper precautions and act with respect for others. Do not leave your home if you are experiencing symptoms of illness. Additionally, even if you are not experiencing symptoms, you should always be certain to maintain appropriate distance between yourself and others outside of your household to minimize exposure risk.