Photos of Clear-skied Los Angeles are Stunning: Is the Air Really Cleaner?

By Amy Graff.

Gorgeous photos of clean-air views across Los Angeles have been popping up all over social media in recent weeks amid the coronavirus crisis.

The city known for its gridlock traffic and choking smog that gives the air a brownish hue has been getting a lot of attention for air that now appears astonishingly clear.

One Twitter user posted an image taken from Griffith Park out to the ocean and noted that you can see Catalina Island, a landform that’s usually not visible from 70 miles away due to hazy views.
Image Courtesy of @ericaphillips / Twitter.

Many on Twitter made statements like “Los Angeles is experiencing its longest stretch of clean air in decades” and “I miss surfing with my kids but these clean air views from our backyard are just jaw dropping. This is not normal for Los Angeles.”

As you can imagine, the Twitterverse is saying this because of the shelter-in-place order that went into effect in mid-March and stopped people from driving and clogging highways with polluting cars.