US Harbors Launches “Women on the Water”: Video Conversations with Amazing Women

US Harbors is excited and honored to be producing a series of short video conversations with women around the country who’ve built their lives and careers around our coasts and the water! We’ll be releasing the series gradually starting the last week in April on our US Harbors YouTube channel.

We’ve met up with women from a wide range of backgrounds with an equally wide range of passions, and one powerful uniting element: their love of our coasts and the communities built around them. True to our nature these videos are guerrilla produced by our tiny (and versatile) team here at the office, but the stories they tell are powerful.

Here’s what we have in store:

  • A sailor preparing her boat for the upcoming Golden Globe race
  • A commercial lobster fisher-woman who is also a state politician
  • An artist whose art and life focus on seaweed
  • An olympic sailor turned novelist
  • A wilderness photographer in Alaska who fishes professionally
  • And more!

You have someone you think we should include? Email us.