New Podcast Episode: “Navigating NYC Waterways: A Conversation with Nate Grove, NYC’s Chief of Waterfront and Marine Operations, Planning, & Development”

In this first episode of “All About Our Coasts”, US Harbors president—Anastasia Fischer—heads out to the World’s Fair Marina in Flushing, Queens to talk to Nate Grove, Chief of New York City’s Waterfront and Marine Operations, Planning, & Development.

Nate works for the New York City Parks and Recreation Department, which owns 1/3 of the 530 miles of NYC waterfront—and 15 marinas—making it the largest landholder of shoreline across the 5 boroughs. During this episode he talks about the complexity of the “mixed use” waterways in the NYC archipelago, how managing his piece of this requires close collaborations with his marine partners, and what he sees as the amazing potential of the continually reimagined waterfronts.

“By virtue of these being parklands—unalienable space—there’s a joy to that that ultimately liberates me to think of other opportunities for the public to enjoy this space.” Nate Grove


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