Chicago Harbors COVID-19 Update

We’re happy to announce that the Chicago Harbors are open. During this unprecedented time, please keep in mind the following policies will be in place for the health of safety of our customers, staff, and the greater Chicago public.

  • We are monitoring updates and will continue to operate according to recommendations from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organization), and CDPH (Chicago Department of Public Health) regarding the spread of COVID-19.
  • Chicago Harbors Opening and Operating Hours: All docks, parking lots, launch ramps, and other harbor properties are now open without restricted hours.  Please keep in mind, we will be lock harbor washrooms overnight in order to allow regular deep cleaning.
  • Chicago Harbors Main Office: Our administration office is now open on a limited basis with limited staff and operating with social distancing guidelines in place. Please schedule your office visit 24 hours in advance. If you need assistance, the office can be reached at 312-741-3601 or by email at [email protected] during our normal business hours Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. Most of our forms and resources are readily available at In addition, payments can be made online or through the mail.


  • Pro-rata Credit: Customers will receive a pro-rata credit of their 2020 mooring fee for each day the harbors were closed beginning May 1. These credits will be towards 2021 mooring fees and customers will see them on their renewal invoices this fall.


  • In an effort to accommodate our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, customers will have until July 1 to make their full final payment for the 2020 boating season.


  • Boaters will be required to maintain a minimum 6’ separation with other persons while on harbors property. If you are unable to maintain this distance, please wear a face covering.
  • Groups of people congregating on harbor property will be limited to 10 people or less.


  • Boaters in Chicago will be required to current City of Chicago boat capacity limits. Please note, these guidelines may differ from current State of Illinois guidelines. These guidelines are as currently follows:
Boat Length Max. Capacity (Including kids < 17 years old) Max. # of Adults
<25 feet 6 4
26-36 feet 8 6
>36 feet 10 8



  • No rafting of boats will be allowed along the Chicago lakefront.
  • Anchoring will be allowed in South Monroe Harbor, but a 50’ minimum radius must be maintained between vessels.

*These policies will be enforced by the Chicago Harbors and the Chicago Police Marine Unit and failure to adhere to these practices can result in the forfeiture of your Chicago Harbors mooring assignment.


  • Chicago Harbors employees will clean and disinfect common touch points in the harbors multiple times every day including: door handles and push plates, bathroom door handles and push plates, countertops, chairs, phones, computers, keys, gate knobs, and keypads.
  • Chicago Harbors employees will clean and disinfect restrooms multiple times every day.
  • Sanitization stations will be setup inside each gate for boaters to use when they enter/exit the dock.


  • We will be updating our customers regarding alternate check-in procedures prior to June 22nd.


  • For 31st Street, Burnham, Belmont and Montrose, access to the harbors is controlled by Traffic Management Aides (TMA’s).  In order to get through those checkpoints, please show your harbors parking card.  If you don’t have a card because you are a new applicant or have lost your card, please print a copy of you slip invoice to show the TMA’s in order to gain access to get your new or replacement card.


  • All public parking east of Lake Shore Drive is closed by order of the Chicago Park District. This includes the public portion of the garage at 31st Street.  Until the CPD lifts the closure, we suggest that boaters ask guests to find parking west of LSD and then pick them up and bring them to the harbor.


  • Boaters will be required to maintain 6’ separation while waiting at the dock for tender pickup.
  • A maximum of 10 passengers (8 adults per above table) will be allowed on a tender at any time plus one captain.
  • Tender passengers are required to wear face coverings at all times while on tender.
  • On high-traffic days, tenders may only allow 2 people per boat, requiring additional passengers to be picked up by the boater at the touch-and-go.
  • Common touch points on the tender will be cleaned and disinfected after each trip.


  • Boaters should ensure they are ready to depart/return quickly at the ramp or dock. Boaters not actively launching/retrieving their boat should clear the launch area.


  • Chicago Harbors employees will clean fuel pump handles, pump-out handles, and credit card terminals after each use and use sanitizer after each transaction.
  • Boaters are asked to maintain 6’ social distancing separation while using facilities.


  • Only 2-5 customers will be allowed in the office at one time. The number of customers allowed in the harbor offices varies, depending on the size of the facility and will be posted on the door.
  • Customers should maintain 6 feet separation from other individuals while waiting to enter office.
  • Face coverings will be required for all persons inside harbor offices.


  • Chicago Harbors employees will maintain 6’ social distancing and wear proper PPE (including face coverings, gloves, and eyewear where necessary) when separation cannot be maintained.
  • If employees are sick or display flu-like symptoms they will not report to work.


  • Your safety is our top priority at the Chicago Harbors. If this summer, you feel uncomfortable with health and safety practices, please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you with 48 hours.