5 Reasons to Appreciate and Embrace the End of Boating Season

Talk to anyone down at the docks as fall approaches and you can hear the notes of sadness in their voice as they discuss boat storage options, winter plans, and the return of cooler weather.

However, the end of boating season does not mean we need to shroud ourselves in black. In fact, there are actually quite a few—gasp!—positive aspects about the end of boating season.

1. Fall boating’s beautiful

With less crowds, clearer days and cooler temperatures, early fall’s actually an ideal time to experience the boat life. During the summer, it’s near impossible to find dockage at certain marinas or to reserve tables at waterside restaurants. Head out in September and you’ll have these places all to yourself.

Plus, when the weather’s cooler, you can enjoy being outside without melting away under that hot summer sun. There’s also less risk of heat-related sickness.

2. You now have time for repairs

Like clockwork, at the end of September or early October, we drove our family boat from the marina to a marine service center miles away. There it would stay for a few weeks and have any repairs completed that had accumulated over the summer.

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