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FORMULA BOATSI’m guessing you’ve heard the news by now, that Mercury has introduced its 7.6L V12 600 HP Verado outboard. This is a wild package, with a steerable lower gearcase and a two-speed transmission, a product that is the result of a clean-slate, ground-up design. Mercury chose Formula as one of its partners to introduce the 600’s, and installed four of them (sorry about the “quintuple Mercury power” fib in the press release) on our prototype 500 SSC boat. Our marketing department ventured down in early February to experience the boat and get some photography and video. Let me tell you, this power package is strong, and smooth, and quiet, and unique…well, you get the idea and will hear more as the word gets out.

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The Quilt
RUGGED SEAS – In our effort to repurpose as much of the recycled bibs and gear as possible we’re launching the Seven Seas Tote that’s made from a “quilt” that’s stitched together from the random-shaped pieces that can’t be used to complete one of our other products and that we don’t want to go to waste. These totes are truly all one-of-a-kind and when ordered, people will have a pleasant and very colorful surprise when their tote arrives. You see, even we don’t know what they will look like until they are produced. We are thrilled with this new item because it helps us recycle even more used bibs.

Email Press Release STEPHENS WARING YACHT DESIGNAfter an unprecedented year in which our yachting community stayed safe by staying apart, Stephens Waring Yacht Design launched 2 award-nominated yachts, created through close partnerships. The downeast-styled 57 Classic Express, with C.W. Hood and Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding, and Italmas, with Michigan-based Van Dam Custom Boats. Read more and cast your vote HERE:

Updates From Our Coastal Business Community

In honor of Black History Month, the Cape Cod Whaling Museum presents an overview on Whaling Captains of Color from their Education Coordinator, Mary Everett-Patriquin: Richard Doctorow of the Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum once described whaling as “a cross between working in an oil refinery and a slaughterhouse, with a chance of drowning thrown in.” Squalid living conditions, atrocious food, boredom, danger, illness and risk of death meant most sailors went whaling only once in their lives.

However, with few other opportunities available to them, men of color often made a career of whaling. Free Blacks, runaway slaves, Wampanoags, and men of mixed blood all participated in whaling in disproportional numbers. Of the approximately 175,000 men who went whaling, 20-30% were men of color.
Cape Cod Maritime Museum.


Through a collaboration with Sparkman & Stephens, the Downeast Peapod company (a wholly owned subsidiary of W-Class™️ Yacht Company in Newport, R.I.) has given its namesake double-ended rowboat a 21st Century makeover. To stay true to the design and thus the heritage of these historic wooden boats, S&S (also located in Newport) scanned the original lines of a Jimmy Steele Downeast Peapod, which was built with plank-on-frame construction over 20 years ago. The company then used 3D modeling to re-engineer the hull (13’ 8” length, 4’ 8” beam) for strip-planked construction, using western red cedar and WEST SYSTEM epoxy.”
Photo Credit: Little Schooner Studios

Yamaha Marine and B.A.S.S. ® signed a new agreement that not only continues but also expands Yamaha’s sponsorship of Bassmaster® events through 2024. Yamaha’s support of B.A.S.S. underscores the company’s commitment to the growth of competitive and recreational fishing.

Photos of the Month

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