How To Go Whale Watching On The Oregon Coast

By Jessica Tomlinson.

Whale watching on the Oregon coast is a fun activity people enjoy year round, but especially during the winter and spring whale migrations, where up to 25,000 gray whales pass the Oregon coast.  Here are some tips to get you started on your whale watching journey.

When And Where To Go Whale Watching On The Oregon Coast

Sunset at the coast, Bandon, Oregon. / Image via / Danielle Denham /

From mid December through January almost 25,000 gray whales migrate south along the Oregon coast to the warmer waters of Baja Mexico, so this is a great time to get out with your binoculars to spot whales.

A cow and calf gray whale at Yaquina Head. Photo by US Department of the interior via Flickr CC2.

Another good time to go whale watching is during the spring migration north starting in late March and ending in June.  Each year around 200 of the migrating whales choose to stay along the Oregon coast for the summer to feed.

A whale off the Oregon coast. Photo / Courtesy of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

While you can see whales at any spot along the scenic Oregon coast, here are the best viewing locations to increase your chance of seeing whales: