Make Money Renting Your Boat

How to Monetize Your Boat with is an advanced boat rental and charter platform, designed to offer and provide a seamless on-the-water experience. The flexible service is oriented towards maximum satisfaction and convenience for both renters and renters.

Accessible on desktop, mobile, and app, the system helps guests find their dreamboat, and boat owners – profit from yacht charters and renting out their boats.

Why List Your Boat Rental on

Listing a boat for rent is a fast and reliable way to make extra money as a boat owner. Partner up with and get a booking system, enjoy impeccable service, and gain access to premium boat management features.

Use to provide a great boating experience, manage reservations, preset additional services, set interactive routes, and obtain detailed boat rental statistics. Seize the opportunity to enlist and manage as many boats as you want for free and gain complete control over their availability calendar and pricing plans. Vessel owners can get boat insurance and work with online or/and cash payments, to their convenience.

How to Sign Up and Enlist Your Boat

Head over to the website, click the Boat Owner? button, and proceed with a short and simple registration procedure to set up an account. The system treats private data confidentially so any personal details stay safe and secure.

Once registered, a boat owner gains immediate access to the advanced features of the system. To complete the listing – add authentic vessel photos and an accurate description of the watercraft, including features and amenities, services, tours, recreational activities, and gear you intend to provide onboard. Set pricing and availability to finalize the process.

How Can Help You Monetize Your Boat? provides complete operational control to boat owners and helps them earn money, gain a positive reputation, all the while aiming at guest satisfaction. Here is how we do it:

Price and Availability

Flexibility over price and availability are some of the bigger matters that concern most boat owners. With that in mind, has developed the ultimate user-friendly back end for renters, granting ultimate control over the boat rental calendar.

In their accounts, boat owners have the ability to set up pricing plans as fixed (flat fee) or flexible. That system functionality allows renters to change the boat rental fee at any time to offer more competitive rates during high-demand seasons, weekends, and national holidays.

In addition, easy calendar management helps boat owners plan their boating days in advance to match their personal schedules. The platform allows them to customize their Availability calendars, by choosing the days to rent out a boat, and the ones to take a break and stay on the shore.

Add-on Services is all about making the best of a boating experience. Thanks to the add-ons (additional services) feature, that task is a lot easier, since it gives boat owners the power to customize and tailor every sailing trip to the guests’ preference.

Add-ons are a great way to acknowledge guest demands in advance and seamlessly match their expectations, minimizing the risk of passenger disappointment and reputation harm. A single click is all it takes for the boat renter to select their service, gear and/or entertainment of choice. The rest is up to the boat owner to arrange.

Customized Routes offers a route customization functionality that helps boat owners set interactive mapping with preliminary routes to choose from. Boat owners are able to display pre-set routes for private tours and excursions, available for boaters to book in advance.

This feature is a helpful tool for sailing trip planning and guest coordination on the itinerary. Moreover, location-based tours and boating trips are a great way to keep guests entertained and tease them with an exciting destination to look forward to.

Payment System

Our automated payment system is designed to serve the needs of boat rental clients and simplify the settlement process for boat owners. Stands out with system flexibility in terms of both payment method availability and fast transaction processing. allows renters to choose what kind of payment works for them – online (upon booking) or cash (later, at base). Online transfers are instantly processed through our secure payment gateway. After check-out, the boat owner receives an automatic settlement to their preferred e-wallet or banking account. Settlement automation saves the inconvenience of dealing with direct client transactions and avoids potential fraudulent activity.

User-Oriented Platform

Customer convenience and user satisfaction are our top priorities. So we made it our goal to provide fast, secure, and effortless access to a comprehensive boat rental service! Currently, the platform is available through iOS and Android apps, as well as mobile, tablet, and desktop browser.

The system can be accessed anytime from any device, making booking management and customer communication smoother. All the versions are user-friendly, optimized, and fully operational, with all features and functionalities available.

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