Baby Seals Popping Up Around PNW Coast – Caution Advised

By Oregon Coast Beach Connection.

Little baby harbor seals are showing up all over the Oregon coast and it’s time again for Oregon officials to issue the warning: stay away from baby seals.

Seaside Aquarium’s Tiffany Boothe said they are currently monitoring three different pups in their area, which includes parts of the south Washington coast down through Rockaway Beach.

“Seal pups are popping up left and right,” Boothe said. “If you come across a seal pup on the beach be sure to give it plenty of space to rest and if there are not signs already posted give us a call (503) 738-6211.”

What numbers do you call if you find a stranded seal pup? Oregon State Police non-emergency numbers are good but make sure you do not use 911. On the north Oregon coast and southern Washington coast, call the Seaside Aquarium at 503-738-6211. The Marine Mammal Hotline at 1.800.452.7888 is best for the southern Oregon coast, or all of the state if you cannot remember the other numbers. On the northern Washington coast, the greater West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network line at 1.866.767.6114 is your best bet.