Fish Mapping: Now Available on Simrad!

Find the Spots Where the Fish Are!
SiriusXM Marine’s Fish Mapping service is now available on Simrad NSO and NSS Evo3/3S displays via the WM-4 receiver. Whether you’re competing in a tournament, out fishing for fun, or taking clients on a charter trip, Fish Mapping provides the information you need to help get you to the spots where fish are most likely to be located, saving you time and fuel.

In addition to all of SiriusXM Marine’s weather features, Fish Mapping includes:

  • Fishing Recommendations: View areas oceanographers recommend to help zero in on 6 target species
  • Weed Lines: See the most recent sightings and track weed lines, which provide habitat for bait and game fish
  • Sea Surface Height Info: Identify eddies, upwellings, and convergence zones with nutrient-rich water favorable for finding fish
  • Sea Surface Temperature Info: View contour lines of sea surface temperature and ocean front strength to target areas where specific species of fish can be found
  • Sub-Surface Water Temperature: Find the preferred temperature at 30 meters beneath the surface, where target game fish tend are likely to be hunting
  • Plankton Concentrations and Plankton Fronts: See areas with dense plankton concentrations – bait fish feed on plankton and indicate locations to find game fish feeding activity.

Gear up now and get a $100 rebate on the WM-4 receiver and get a 1-month trial of Fish Mapping! Learn more.