Coast Guard Urges Mariners to Avoid Lake Tahoe Waters until Wildfires Subside

SAN FRANCISCO — The Coast Guard is urging mariners Thursday to avoid all recreational activities on the waters of Lake Tahoe until the wildfires have subsided.

The availability of Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe boat crews and other emergency first responders on the water may be significantly reduced until area wildfire operations are completed.

“The safety of the public, our crews and other emergency first responders remain the top priority,” said Capt. Taylor Lam, the Sector San Francisco commander. “Current conditions in the Lake Tahoe region present a persistent and serious threat to the health and safety of mariners. As such, we strongly urge mariners to avoid any on-water activities at Lake Tahoe until local wildfires have been contained and air quality has improved.”

For additional information regarding the Marine Safety Information Bulletin, please contact Sector San Francisco waterways management division personnel at [email protected] or 510-612-9729.