Removal of Cargo Ship Off Georgia Coast is Largest in US History

By Gregory Lemos.

An official providing an update on the Golden Ray wreck removal off the coast of Georgia said it is the largest in United States history and required more than 3 million collective man-hours.

The 656-foot cargo ship was carrying 4,100 vehicles when it capsized in St. Simons Sound near Brunswick in September 2019, resulting in more than $200 million in damage.
Wreck removal personnel Monday removed the final section of the cargo ship Monday, the US Coast Guard Southeast said in a release.
The removal was “a difficult and complicated operation” and required experts from around the world, Commander Efren Lopez, US Coast Guard Federal On-Scene Coordinator, said in Tuesday’s update.
“We have accomplished a great feat. Over the last two years we have rescued 23 crew members, four of which were stuck inside the engine compartment for over 30 hours, none sustaining life-threatening injuries. Now we have completed the largest wreck removal in US history,” Lopez said at a news conference in Brunswick.
The cargo ship’s capsizing was caused by incorrect calculations about the vessel’s stability, the National Transportation Safety Board said last month.