FDA Issues Updated Advice about Eating Fish

Fish provide key nutrients that support a child’s brain development according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated advice about eating fish, including shellfish, which was released October 28.

“Nutrients in fish can support a child’s brain and immune system development,” the FDA wrote.

The advice focuses on the important nutrients in seafood and the health benefits provided by consuming more fish and shellfish.

“The updated advice from the FDA is a move in the right direction,” said Linda Lai Cornish, President of Seafood Nutrition Partnership. “Too many women and children are missing out on the important health benefits from eating seafood. This revised language from FDA encourages women and children to eat more seafood for their brain, heart and immune health.”

In a Q&A resource from the FDA, one question asks, “Should I not eat fish in order to avoid mercury?” The answer is emphatically “No” from the FDA. “Fish can contribute to a healthy diet. Studies with people who were pregnant found that the nutritional benefits of fish were important for their child’s brain development,” the answer goes on. “Most individuals, including those who are pregnant or breastfeeding and children, eat less than the recommended amount of fish. Almost all children do not eat the recommended amount of fish.”

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