Where to Find the Best Beach Sand in Florida

The best beach sand in Florida is found on the Gulf Coast. However, did you also know that Florida has orange sand, black sand, and hard-packed sand suitable for cars? This post will help you learn where it can all be found.


With over 800 miles of beaches, Florida has some incredibly diverse beach sand. Generally, the east coast has sand suitable for driving and also more granular sand. The Key’s don’t have many beaches and the ones that exist tend to have rocky sand. The best beach sand in Florida can be found along the Gulf of Mexico. Actual beaches don’t begin until Marco Island and extend to Anclote Key. North of Anclote you won’t find many beaches because the water borders foliage and marshland. As you round the big bend section, the bulk of the beaches stretch from Panama City Beach to Pensacola.


Yup. Orange sand exists in Northeast Florida from South Ponte Vedra to Ormond Beach. The sand appears orange in color due to the significant amount of crushed coquina shells that make up the sand. It’s quite a sight to see and makes for some super unique photography.

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