Why Does Daylight Savings Time Exist?

Hello. You may be here to learn when is daylight saving time, or what is the time that we’re saving, or why does daylight saving time even exist.

Hopefully, this will answer those questions, and maybe a few more that hadn’t crossed your mind, like what do the railroad companies of the 19th century have to do with it and whether golf course owners have an interest in your sleep habits.

Here goes.

Based on when search interest for this question jumps, it is probably soon. Unlike other, easier-to-remember federal events, like the Fourth of July, in the United States the clock change is tied to a roving day: Since 2007, it has taken place on the second Sunday of March, when clocks spring forward an hour, and the first Sunday of November, when they go back. (In 2021, the day is Nov. 7.)

In Britain, France and Germany, the clocks change on the last Sunday in March, and the last Sunday in October. (In 2021, the day is Oct. 31.)

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