American Magic Set to Enter Next America’s Cup

By Toby Heppell.

In a surprising twist, the New York Yacht Club has announced that it intends to take part in the next America’s Cup, represented once again by American Magic.

For those who follow America’s Cup news, this is a remarkable U-turn.

New York YC was represented by American Magic in the 36th America’s Cup in early 2021 in New Zealand. Their AC75 Patriot was widely tipped to be among the fastest until a devastating capsize and crash landing caused severe damage to the yacht and a near sinking.

Although the team’s foiling AC75 was able to be repaired in time to return to racing, the fast turnaround meant they never really got back up to speed. The boat continued to suffer knock-on effects from the damage and the American challengers were first to be eliminated.

In June the New York YC announced that it would return for the 37th America’s Cup, but instead be represented by the Stars & Stripes team (a rival American challenge which failed to get off the ground for AC36). Then in October, the club announced that it was “pausing our pursuit of the 37th America’s Cup” and would not compete.