Humpback Whale Lands on Small Boat

By gCaptain.

Environmental agencies in Massachussetts are urging mariners to use caution when operating vessels or personal watercraft near humbback whales after one of the mammals breached and landed on a 19-foot recreational boat near Plymouth Harbor on Sunday.

You may have seen the viral video of the incident. Thankfully no injuries were reported and the boat sustained relatively minor damage but remained seaworthy. No word yet from the whale.

The Plymouth Harbormaster has sent details of the incident to the Massachusetts Environmental Police for an investigation of violations of the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Eager whale watchers have been drawn to the area off Plymouth following reports that three juvenile humpback whales have been feeding there for at least a week.

The Massachusetts Environmental Police (MEP) and the Department of Fish and Games’ (DFG) Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) on Monday advised all mariners to use extreme caution when in the vicinity of humpback whales.

“These young whales are engaged in physically active feeding behavior that is very unpredictable, while feeding in a shallow area on menhaden (or “pogies”), a rich and highly abundant schooling forage fish that also attracts striped bass. This creates a safety hazard for both whales and humans,” the Massachusetts Environmental Police said in a statement.