Find a Coastal Clean Up Event Near You


Every year during Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup™, hundreds of thousands of volunteers comb lakes, rivers and beaches around the world for trash. Find a cleanup leader near you and join the movement.

Here’s how to use the map (link at the bottom of this post):

Search for a location
Use the search bar to find an organization hosting ICC cleanup events in your area. You can enter a street address, city, state, country or point of interest, such as a park, lake or beachfront. Then, zoom in or out and click on the nearest starfish to see more information about that cleanup leader. Click on the link provided to go directly to the cleanup host’s webpage for the latest information and to register.

Navigate the map
You can zoom in and out and drag the map to any location to find ICC cleanup leaders. Click or tap on the starfish to reveal information about the cleanup host and a link to their cleanup page.

Share a location
Every cleanup leader on our map has a unique URL. Sign up for updates from Ocean Conservancy to reveal convenient sharing options.

Give the map below a try and find a Coastal Clean Up Event near you!