Cangarda in the travel lift at Wayfarer Marine

Cangarda Out of the Shed

4/20/2011 - Everyone in Camden Harbor was excited late last fall when Cangarda arrived and was plucked out of the water just after the first significant snow fell. She disappeared into Wayfarer's sheds and we all wondered just what might have been happening to this gorgeous, historic yacht. The results appeared last… SEE MORE
The H.A. Burnham Boat Building shop and the Pinky Schooner, Ardelle

Pinky Schooner Progress at Historic Essex Yard

3/1/2011 - We’ll admit it: We’re suckers for a good boat project. And one of the most interesting builds going on in New England at the moment is in Essex, where shipwright Harold Burnham is hard at work on a pinky schooner, Ardelle. Burnham, who has built several traditional wooden ships over… SEE MORE
Coronet during the early stages of the project.  Photo courtesy IRYS

Coronet Takes Shape at IYRS

3/1/2011 - Certainly Newport is the place to be if you’re a New England sailor interested in seeing the latest high-tech racing yachts, but these days one of the most ambitious historic restoration projects in recent history is taking shape right on the waterfront. When she was built in 1885 for American… SEE MORE