Machiasport Harbor, early-mid 20th century

Scenes From Machiasport

11/7/2011 - Machiasport, at the head of Machias Bay, is today one of the quietest, most delightful communities you can find in Down East Maine. These photographs from the Eastern Illustrating Company collection proves that this community has always had one eye on the sea and another on the land. SEE MORE
23' motor launch restored by students at IYRS

Classic From Every Angle

11/1/2011 - Not every boat looks as good out of the water as in it. But that's not a problem for this 23' launch restored a couple of years ago by the students at the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport. Even sitting on a trailer in the IYRS lot on Thames… SEE MORE

Penobscot Marine Museum Photo Archives

10/14/2011 - It's winter. Sargent & Dennison's coal pier in Portland is iced in and a Banks dory fishing schooner and tug lie at John Loveitt's fish pier about 1900. Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Collection SEE MORE