Capt. John Foss stands aboard the tugboat Cadet, which he rebuilt over a 10-year period.

After 10 Years, Rebuilt Maine Tugboat Is Back to Work

11/28/2011 - Capt. John Foss couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant November day to launch Cadet, a tugboat that Foss has spent the past ten years rebuilding. With a crowd of friends, family, and schooner crews in attendance at Journey’s End Marine in Rockland, Maine, Foss’ restoration project slipped into the… SEE MORE
The "Nantucket Sleighride" across Nantucket Sound is always a wild ride.

A Summer Sleighride to Nantucket Island

11/17/2011 - Nantucket Sound lay between us and Nantucket Island. Not a boring stretch of water in our experience. Cape Cod sailors know their stuff. They deal with tricky, swift currents and incessant winds, five knots more powerful than their actual speed (I swear). Sailing to an island like Nantucket is exciting,… SEE MORE
Schooner in western Thorofare, North Haven, ME

Scenes from the Fox Islands Thorofare, circa 1955

11/15/2011 - The stretch of protected water between North Haven and Vinalhaven islands has always been an ideal spot to anchor for the night or spend a summer relaxing. These classic images, from the Penobscot Marine Museum's collection, prove that the Fox Islands Thorofare has been a wonderful destination for generations past… SEE MORE
EMILY H.- from Block Island. Powered schooner rigged for swordfishing. Nest of dories on deck.

Gloucester: The Town That Went to Sea

11/10/2011 - No community was more at the heart of the New England fishing industry during the nineteenth and early twentieth century than Gloucester, Massachusetts. These photographs from the collections of the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport, Maine, capture the flavor of the city that was — and still is, actually — home to… SEE MORE
The view from the top of Monhegan, with Manana Island in the distance.

In Search of Shelter on Monhegan Island

11/8/2011 - Monhegan Island — tall, prominent, and well out to sea — beckons in the distance. A familiar landfall coming from the south for us, on this late October day it would be our destination sailing out of Penobscot Bay. I had an infallible plan. We’d spend the night in the… SEE MORE
Machiasport Harbor, early-mid 20th century

Scenes From Machiasport

11/7/2011 - Machiasport, at the head of Machias Bay, is today one of the quietest, most delightful communities you can find in Down East Maine. These photographs from the Eastern Illustrating Company collection proves that this community has always had one eye on the sea and another on the land. SEE MORE