Information and Resources to help you navigate Covid-19

We here at US Harbors are collecting all the information we can to help you through these strange times.

The situation around the country, and the world, is changing at a rapid rate. We endeavor to keep our information up to date and relevant. Please be aware that regulations do vary from state to state. You can find all our Covid-19 related news under this tag /covid-19

Is Boating a Safe Social Distancing Activity?

In most circumstances, boating is a safe activity in terms of limiting infection. Please be aware of the specific rules at the local marina or town boat ramp – getting into the water can be the most high risk part of the boating trip, depending on how busy the boat launch area is. Please also take into consideration who accompanies you on your boat. It is advised to limit boat passengers to those already in your household. Some states have a limit on the number of people allowed on a boat.

Once out on the water, maintain distance from other boats, and be extra vigilant of those in the water around you. Boaters, as a type, are generally very safety conscious, and that attitude is just as important now as it ever is. Every prevented accident is one less thing that our brave key workers have tackle – keeping the resources available to deal with the covid-19 pandemic.

More rules, tips and advice can be found here: Must-Know Rules for 2020 Summer Boating During COVID 19

Where Can I Go Boating?


What Boat Ramps are Open in My Area?


What events are still going on?

Many events have been cancelled to limit spread of the coronavirus. Some are able to transition to a virtual. online version of the event, and some are postponed till later in the year, or the following year altogether. We are still posting events on our site, however we encourage you to check directly with the organizer before attending. You can see all the events here:

Help for Coastal Businesses

We are posting updates from any and all coastal business, organization or local authority. If you want to get word out to boaters in your area, you can submit news for our weekly update here:

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