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Adak Island is near the western extent of the Andreanof Islands group of the Aleutian Islands. Alaska’s southernmost town, Adak, is located on the island. Due to harsh winds, frequent cloud cover, and cold temperatures, vegetation is mostly tundra (grasses, mosses, berries, low-lying flowering plants) at lower elevations. The highest point is Mt. Moffett, near the northwest end of the island, at an elevation of 3,924 feet. It is snow covered the greater part of the year. Because of its naval aviation past, Adak has an unusually large and sophisticated airport for the Aleutian Islands. Alaska Airlines operates twice-weekly passenger and cargo jet service from Anchorage. Other facilities in Adak include three deep water docks and fueling facilities. The city has requested funds to greatly expand the Sweeper Cove small boat harbor.

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