Fishermen harvest oysters

The Tip of the Tong

11/19/2023 - By Paul Molyneaux. Alabama oyster harvesters are glad to see their resource rebounding, even for a short season.            Robbie Pollock married into the oyster business 43 years ago. “My wife’s daddy, Doody Peters, was the king of the oyster business back then,” says Pollock. “Back then, you couldn’t get into… SEE MORE

NOAA Funds Golet’s Latest Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Research

11/16/2021 - ORONO —The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration awarded Golet, a research assistant professor with the UMaine School of Marine Sciences, more than $276,000 to lead a team of researchers who will collect and analyze updated western Atlantic bluefin tuna population data, according to a news release from UMaine. The new data is to help reduce… SEE MORE