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Wrangell is located on the northern tip of Wrangell Island, an island in the Alaska Panhandle. It is 155 miles south of the Alaskan capital of Juneau. It is across the narrow Zimovia Strait from the mouth of the Stikine River on the Alaska mainland. The primary industry of the city is fishing. A commercial fishing fleet is harbored in Wrangell and several sports fishing guiding services operate here as well taking tourists and wilderness adventurers to remote locations on the great Stikine River branching eastward into British Columbia. Boatyards have increased in scale allowing storage and repairs of larger vessels. Being located on Wrangell island, Wrangell has two basics forms of transportation: ferry and airplane. While on the island, a network of paved roads and multiple miles of logging trails remain. The Alaska Marine Highway serves Wrangell on its Inside Passage route with regular northbound and southbound stops that link it to the rest of Southeast Alaska. Wrangell also receives two daily scheduled passenger jet service operated by Alaska Airlines at the Wrangell Airport. Sunrise Aviation provides float plane service to the region.

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