Endurance22, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Extreme Heat Uncovers Lost Villages, Ancient Ruins and Shipwrecks

8/17/2022 by Editor

By Kevin Simauchi. In an eerie twist, volatile weather and heat-induced drought are unearthing glimpses of lost archaeological treasures and forgotten history. Extreme heat this year has triggered wildfires, drought and melting glaciers. Less expectedly, it’s also revealed some weird and dark things about our past—shipwrecks, corpses, ghost villages, ornamental… SEE MORE

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Northeast Region, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Paddlers Seek to Break Guinness World Record

8/16/2022 by Editor

By Paddling Magazine Staff. The “Paddle for the Bay” event hopes to recruit enough canoes and kayaks to break the current record of a continuous parade, and fundraise an environmental effort for Barnegat Bay while doing so. Paddler Sandy Rinderer has a unique idea for an environmental effort — take… SEE MORE

Free Fishing Days in New Jersey - Fall 2022

Absecon, Absecon Creek, NJ October 22

Beginning in 2015, the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife has offered spring and fall Free Fishing Days. In 2022, the fall date is October 22. The October date allows the public to take advantage of the fall trout stocking. Remember: on free fishing days residents may fish on the… SEE MORE