Portland, OR Weather Forecast and Current Conditions

Day Sky High / Low Precip Wind Humidity
Jul 2
Mostly Cloudy
Close Hourly
75º / 58º 2% NNW 7 mph 61%
9am Cloudy 60º 2% NNW 7 mph 74%
10am Cloudy 62º 2% NNW 7 mph 70%
11am Cloudy 64º 1% NNW 7 mph 67%
12pm Cloudy 65º 1% NNW 5 mph 63%
1pm Mostly Cloudy 68º 1% NNW 6 mph 59%
2pm Mostly Cloudy 71º 0% NNW 6 mph 54%
3pm Mostly Cloudy 73º 0% NNW 7 mph 52%
4pm Mostly Cloudy 73º 0% NNW 7 mph 50%
5pm Mostly Cloudy 74º 0% NW 7 mph 50%
6pm Mostly Cloudy 74º 0% NNW 7 mph 50%
7pm Cloudy 72º 0% NNW 7 mph 54%
8pm Mostly Cloudy 70º 1% NNW 7 mph 57%
9pm Mostly Cloudy 68º 2% NW 7 mph 61%
10pm Mostly Cloudy 66º 2% NW 6 mph 63%
11pm Cloudy 64º 3% NW 6 mph 65%
Jul 3
Mostly Cloudy
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71º / 56º 20% W 4 mph 63%
12am Mostly Cloudy 62º 4% NW 5 mph 68%
1am Cloudy 61º 5% NW 4 mph 71%
2am Cloudy 61º 9% NNW 3 mph 72%
3am Cloudy 60º 8% NNW 3 mph 74%
4am Cloudy 60º 9% NNW 2 mph 74%
5am Cloudy 59º 12% NNW 2 mph 75%
6am Cloudy 59º 13% NW 2 mph 77%
7am Cloudy 59º 17% NNW 2 mph 76%
8am Cloudy 59º 21% WNW 2 mph 76%
9am Cloudy 60º 15% W 3 mph 75%
10am Cloudy 61º 13% W 3 mph 73%
11am Cloudy 62º 13% SW 3 mph 69%
12pm Cloudy 64º 9% SW 3 mph 65%
1pm Cloudy 65º 7% SW 3 mph 60%
2pm Mostly Cloudy 68º 4% WSW 3 mph 54%
3pm Mostly Cloudy 69º 5% W 4 mph 52%
4pm Mostly Cloudy 70º 7% W 4 mph 51%
5pm Mostly Cloudy 70º 7% WNW 4 mph 51%
6pm Mostly Cloudy 70º 8% NNW 4 mph 52%
7pm Mostly Cloudy 69º 10% NNW 6 mph 55%
8pm Mostly Cloudy 68º 10% NNW 5 mph 58%
9pm Partly Cloudy 66º 14% NNW 5 mph 62%
10pm Partly Cloudy 64º 6% NNW 5 mph 66%
11pm Partly Cloudy 62º 9% NNW 6 mph 68%
Jul 4
Partly Cloudy
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77º / 57º 10% NW 5 mph 55%
12am Partly Cloudy 61º 13% NNW 4 mph 69%
1am Mostly Cloudy 59º 14% NNW 3 mph 72%
2am Mostly Cloudy 59º 7% NNW 3 mph 73%
3am Mostly Cloudy 58º 10% NNW 2 mph 75%
4am Mostly Cloudy 57º 13% NNW 2 mph 78%
5am Mostly Cloudy 57º 12% N 2 mph 79%
6am Mostly Cloudy 57º 11% NNW 2 mph 80%
7am Mostly Cloudy 58º 8% N 2 mph 78%
8am Mostly Cloudy 59º 10% NNW 3 mph 74%
Jul 5
Partly Cloudy 80º / 60º 22% NW 5 mph 56%
Jul 6
Partly Cloudy 81º / 60º 15% WNW 7 mph 56%
Jul 7
Partly Cloudy 81º / 59º 11% W 7 mph 55%
Jul 8
Mostly Sunny 82º / 59º 5% NW 8 mph 52%
Jul 9
Mostly Sunny 82º / 58º 5% NW 9 mph 50%

Weather Radar for Portland, OR See Radar

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NOAA Weather Marine Forecast for Portland, OR

In The Main Channel
High : 0ºF
General Seas
Low : 0ºF
2 to 4 ft through sunday.
First Ebb
High : 0ºF
Around 715 am saturday. Seas to 5 ft.
Second Ebb
Low : 0ºF
Around 815 pm saturday. Seas to 5 ft.
Third Ebb
High : 0ºF
Around 745 am sunday. Seas to 5 ft.

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    Wind Speed Forecast for Portland, OR

    Wind Speed (MPH) 767742334532
    MPH 767742334532

    Current Weather Conditions In Portland, OR

    As Of: 37 minutes ago

    • 60ºF
    • 60ºF
    • 7mph
    • 0º (NNW)
    • 7mph
    • Cloudy
    • 10mi
    • 29.98"
    • 74%
    • 0ºF

    The weather right now in Portland, OR is Cloudy. The current temperature is 60°F, and the expected high and low for today, Saturday, July 2, 2022, are 75° high temperature and 58°F low temperature. The wind is currently blowing at 7 miles per hour, and coming from the North Northwest. The wind is gusting to 7 mph. With the wind and the atmosphere the temperature feels like 60° Fahrenheit. Expected precipitation is 2 percent, with current humidity at 74 percent, and air pressure at 29.98 in. Visibility is 10 nautical miles. There are no current weather alert(s).

    General Weather Conditions in Portland, OR

    The coast range provides limited shielding from the maritime influence of the Pacific Ocean. The Cascade Range provides a steep high slope for the lifting moisture-laden westerly winds, which produces heavy rainfall in the western Cascade piedmont region. They also form the barrier for the Columbia River basin region and dry continental air masses. Airflow is usually northwest in Portland in spring and summer and southeast in fall and winter, interrupted occasionally by outbreaks of dry continental air east through Cascade passes and across ridge tops. When such an outbreak occurs, extreme high or low temperatures are usually experienced in the Portland area.

    Portland has a very definite winter rainfall climate. About 88 percent of the annual total occurs in October through May, nine percent in June and September, while only 3 percent comes in July and August. The average annual precipitation is 37.33 inches (948.2 mm). December is the wettest month, and July, the driest. Precipitation is mostly rain; on the average only 17 days each year have snow. Snowfall is seldom more than a couple of inches, and it generally lasts only a few days. The annual average is only seven inches (178 mm) with January having the most. Snowfall has fallen in every month from November through May. The greatest measured snowfall in 24 hours was just under 11 inches (279 mm) recorded in January 1971.

    Each season is clearly marked. Winter is mild, cloudy and wet with southeast surface winds predominating. Summer is marked by mild temperature, with prevailing northwest winds and very little precipitation. Fall and spring are transitional in nature, with frequent periods of ground fog. An average of 18 days during October record foggy conditions while only three days during July can expect fog. At all times, incursions of marine-tempered air are a frequent moderating influence. Outbreaks of continental air from east of the Cascade Mountains flow through the Columbia Gorge at near sea level and spread into the Portland area associated with the movement of Pacific storms offshore on a northeast storm track. In winter this brings the coldest weather, and the extremes of low temperature are registered in the cold airmass. Freezing rain and ice glaze often are transitional effects. In summer the hot, dry, continental air brings the highest temperatures. Extreme temperatures below zero are very infrequent. The absolute lowest ever reached is 3°F below zero (-19.4°C) recorded in February 1950. Extreme temperatures above 100°F (37.8°C) have occurred during each month from May through September; the absolute highest temperature is 107°F (41.6°C) recorded in July 1942, July 1965 and August 1981. Temperatures 90°F (32.2°C) or higher are reached every year, but seldom persist for more than 2 or 3 days before the warm spell is broken by a flow of cool, moist air from the ocean. The average annual temperature for Portland is 53.9°F (12.1°C). The average maximum is 63°F (17.2°C) while the average minimum is 45°F (7.2°C).

    Destructive storms are infrequent in the Portland area. Surface winds seldom exceed gale force. Thunderstorms are infrequent, occurring, on average, only seven days each year. Tornadoes with the funnel cloud reaching the ground are rare and there are rare occurrences of heavy rain even though winter rains may persist for days at a time. Ice forms occasionally, but it is seldom heavy enough to affect navigation seriously, although navigation by small craft may be difficult.