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Out on the Edge of Trawler Design

11/15/2023 - By Rasmus Nygaard, in charge of business development at the 86-year-old, Denmark-based vessel design company Knud E. Hansen, is promoting a whole new approach to trawler design. “We’re thinking about the future,” says NyGaard. To that end, the company has created a suite of designs for vessels, including trawlers,… SEE MORE
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The Last of the Vikings

8/12/2023 - By An immersion in the folk wisdom of a thousand years The night before our 70-mile open-water crossing from the Norwegian island of Sørværet to the Lofoten Islands, Gunvor Storaas, the 27-year-old skipper, checked the wind forecast on her phone. The next day, it was going to blow 40… SEE MORE