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The Dark Side of Lighthouses

11/18/2023 - By Amorina Kingdon. Lighthouse keeping is not for the faint-hearted. Keepers live in isolation, endure violent storms, and must be ready to respond to the occasional shipwreck. They have to be self-sufficient, handy, happy with their own company, and comfortable with heights. Still, today’s “wickies” have all the mod cons… SEE MORE
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The Last Lighthouse Keeper in America

11/10/2023 - By newyorker.com. For the greater part of two decades, Sally Snowman has lived and worked contentedly on Little Brewster Island, a craggy patch of bare rock, crabgrass, concrete, and dilapidated buildings in Boston’s outer harbor. Under the auspices of the Coast Guard, she serves as the keeper, and the historian,… SEE MORE
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You Can Now Buy a Lighthouse of Your Very Own in Michigan

8/21/2023 - By greatlakesscuttlebutt.com. So far, bidding is only up to $16,000 for the historic 68-foot-tall structure in Lake Superior If you’ve always dreamed of cozying up inside your own beautiful lighthouse on the water, far from the hustle and bustle of daily life, now’s your chance: A 68-foot-tall structure in Lake Superior is for… SEE MORE