Maine Coast in Winter: Scenes from Jonesport & Beals Island

The coast of Maine has many moods. In summer, the coast can appear dreamlike, a soft blend of blue sky and balmy breezes. In the fall, the coast comes comes alive with the vibrant colors of autumn and the cool winds of October. Spring brings an extended thawing-out period to the shore, and along with it, the promise of warmer days to come.

Winter, however, can be downright nasty. Bone-chilling winds whip off the ocean, along with periods of heavy snow and long, dark nights. The Maine coast in winter can seem foreboding, intimidating, and harsh.

Nowhere is this more apparent that along the rugged shores of Washington County, where fishermen continue to work the ocean in winter, despite the sea’s many tempermental moods. A bitter December day spent in Jonesport and on neighboring Beals Island provide the perfect illustration of how winter can turn a coastal landscape into a stark and challenging environment for all who call it home.