A Dozen Great Maine Beaches to Explore This Winter

While the eastern Maine coast is famous for its rocky shoreline and rugged terrain, there are many beautiful examples of small pocket beaches that can be found if one looks hard enough. Some of the beaches are sandy, and some are covered with smooth stones. Some are rather large, while others are tiny. Some are easy to find, while others require a ferry ticket and a trusted map.

From magnificent Sand Beach in Acadia National Park to the many sandy stretches of the St. George peninsula and everywhere in between, chances are there is a beach for everyone. With winter upon us, what better time than now to explore some of these hidden gems? Summer can’t be too far away!

For more information, including weather conditions and forecasts and tide data for the areas around each of these beaches, choose from the list below.

Sand Beach, near Bar Harbor
Bakeman Beach, Cape Rosier
Crescent Beach, Roque Bluffs State Park
Laite Beach, Camden
Crescent Beach, on the St. George Peninsula
Pebble Beach, near Port Clyde
Lucia Beach, South Thomaston
Naskeag Point, Brooklin
Swans Island
Wadsworth Cove, Castine
Drift Inn Beach, Port Clyde