An Essay in Color and Light: Penobscot Bay Skies

The sky over Penobscot Bay, the jewel of Maine’s famous rockbound coast, provides boaters with an astounding array of colors and a light that is continually changing with each passing season. An early morning sunrise in Camden can bring a pleasing pallet of blues, pinks, and reds. Sunsets over the Camden hills seen from comfort of Pulpit Harbor on North Haven are vivid.

Summer afternoons feature brilliant blue skies and white puffy clouds that seem to stretch on forever. Winter can bring sharp and clear colors that only last for a few precious moments before the immense black of night settles in. In the spring, the bay shimmers with the hopes of warmer weather and, with it, a soft light that stays longer and longer with each passing day. In the fall, the ominous colors of an approaching storm can reflect off the water and bring an eerie feeling with it that speaks of winter’s fast approach.

Whether you are watching the sunrise over the deep waters of Castine, following the afternoon clouds as they race across the spruce-clad islands of North Haven and Vinalhaven, or simply enjoying the sunset over the Camden hills from your cozy anchorage off Islesboro, Penobscot Bay provides a canvas of amazing colors for all to enjoy. This is why we live on the coast!